Day 2 – getting to know my camera begins!

May 21, 2010

I never read user’s manuals when I buy a new thing. Whatever it is – fridge, phone, computer, socks (last socks I’ve bought had instructions how to use them – unbelievable…) – I never read how to use them, I just use. Lucky me, part of the Generation of 21st Century.

But! I know some people and I’ve read in some mysterious forums that there is a rumor, that even the best photographers read the user’s manual of their camera and they do it not only once! I don’t know how much true is that, but at the moment I’ve tried my camera, I found out that my 21st Century Generation’s skill is not working! I really have no idea how to make all those cool photos! So, just like (hopefully) all those great photographers I will start with the manual.

Today I’ve read all the boring safety tips (and found out that it’s not allowed to take pictures of money and that using flash might cause burns), the index (to find out that’s waiting for me) and started getting to know my camera. All the time I was holding it just to get used to the weight (1kg!!!) and once I’ve reached the mode dial – I’ve tried all the modes. Not much of luck though…

Anyway, I would lie if I’d say that I’m total beginner, because I’ve already watched some videos and read some articles about 3 main things: aperture, shutter speed and ISO, but I still don’t get many things about them and it took lots of time re-reading and re-watching to understand something…

So far I know:

  1. Keep ISO as low as possible (and I’m not planing to think about that for some time for now)
  2. The shorter shutter speed is, the better your chances to ‘freeze’ the moment are (although for some weird reason, I still don’t get what ‘short’ is, I mean, how to make it short in my camera)
  3. The smaller number of aperture is, the more blurry background is. This one I like the most so far, but still have no idea how to keep the object sharp…

So, at this point my knowledge is over and I hope I won’t forget it till tomorrow, haha 🙂

I also read about the viewfinder, my camera had only half of the explained icons (maybe rest will come in time) and the half of that half I didn’t understand anyway… Will keep reading.

Some photos from my shooting (in the night with very poor lighting…)

Auto mode once again…

Found a mode for auto with no flash though!

Misfortune in shooting ‘Close Up’

‘S’ mode: my dog had to be ‘the moving object’ and it ought to be ‘frozen’ shot. Didn’t work out…

‘A’ mode: found out how to make background blurry (F/5), but didn’t find out how to keep the object sharp…

‘M’ mode: too dark, too complicated so far…

Reading about viewfinder, learning about the focus points. That’s what the meant in those books!

Read 24 pages from 216 – long way ahead, stay with me and we’ll figure everything out!


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